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Five Element Feng Shui

One of the ways I love to work in my Feng Shui practice is to harness the power of the Five Elements: Earth, Metal, Water; Wood and Fire.

Having a flow and balance between these elements in your space will lead to a corresponding flow and balance in your life.

How does it work?

Each area of the bagua is governed by one of the five elements.

If you wish to enhance the energy of an area of your life you can do so by introducing the corresponding element into your space.

The elements can be introduced literally, for example, a candle for the element of fire, or it may be introduced symbolically, for example the colour red representing the element of fire. In addition to colour, each element has a number and shape associated with it also.

This use of symbolism in Feng Shui moves the work to a deeper level, a true dance of energies occurs.

My role as your Feng Shui consultant is to work with you to find cures and enhancements that resonate deeply with you so that your home becomes a space that fills your soul with joy and peace.

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Paula’s accuracy is spot on. She brings humor and tenderness to every session. Paula is a gifted healer, and I have found her work transformative.”

K. Thiessen, Nevada USA

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