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6 Week Soul Coaching®

One of the most profound ways I have discovered to experience Soul Coaching® is in a small supportive group of like minded people, who listen with open hearts and willing minds.

6 weeks is the ideal length for such a gathering as it allows time for all the participants to experience the 28 day Soul Coaching® programme.

It is in the sharing of our experiences during this time that people gain the most remarkable insights into their life’s purpose. Sometimes a comment by one of the other participants can prove the turning point, the light bulb moment, for someone else in the circle.

The 6 week course is run three times during the year: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Week 1: Introduction -

Week 2: Working with the element of Air

Week 3: Water week - bringing our awareness to our emotional selves

Week 4: Fire week – firing our spirit. Listening to our deepest wisdom.

Week 5: Earth week - coming home to our bodies.

             Time for integration.

Week 6: Celebration. Creation of your Soul Collage. This is the seed map of your future! It is a visual reminder of your soul’s dreams.

For further information see Upcoming Events

Why not organise a group of friends in your own home?

If you would like me to come to your area or business with a 6 week course please let me know. The minimum number of participants required for such an event is 6. Your reward for organising the group is that you get the course for free!!

What past participants say about Soul Coaching®:

“One of the best things you can do for yourself. You will truly grow in 6 weeks”

“Wonderfully supportive course for moving on in your life”

“Interesting, fun, empowering”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, you are the first teacher in a long time whom I felt had passion in your teaching”

“Paula is an excellent listener”

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“Life Changing, Thought shifting, nurturing, soul nourishing”

M. Power, Dublin

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