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About Holistic Piano

Holistic Piano at Oak WhispersIn over 20 years piano teaching I regularly meet people who learned to play the piano as children but, for one reason or another, stopped playing. Then there are those who say they always wanted to learn the Piano but have not gotten around to it.

And so Holistic Piano was born.

I have designed Holistic Piano to enable all these people, now in their adult lives, to express themselves creatively at the piano.

With so many years experience behind me my standards are high. I know that you can meet them.

Just remember that Holistic Piano is more than Piano lessons. It is a reawakening of your creativity, igniting your passion and allowing yourself to grow.

Sound Whispers

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  • Pre Instrumental Classes
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    One of the best things you can do for yourself. You will truly grow in 6 weeks

    D. Ryan, Kildare

    Oak Whisper Holistic Piano