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About Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching® is a powerful programme that anyone can do. It is a process that takes you to your spiritual source and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life. It allows you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, release old negative patterns, get motivated and step boldly, joyfully and courageously into your future.

During Soul Coaching® you embark on a remarkable journey to find out who you are at a soul level. It helps you uncover your own unique talents and abilities which are your gift to the world.

Path Through TreesDeep within you is a special place that knows exactly what you need and yearn for. Once you commit to the programme the process of uncovering and acknowledging who you are seems to unfold in a remarkable, magical way. Soul Coaching® helps you clear away the mental and emotional clutter enabling you hear the whispers of your own soul.

Soul Coaching® is about recapturing the joy and buzz in your life. It is about living your passion.

Who you are is enough. You have all the courage, grace, passion and power that you need to express your own uniqueness.

Doing Soul Coaching® can help you live with a sense of ease, comfort and joy that comes from living a purposeful and authentic life. Simply put it is about listening to your inner wisdom, awakening your passions and returning to centre.

How does it work?

Soul Coaching® is a remarkably simple and flexible programme that anyone can do. At its core there are two main elements.

The first of these is the Soul Journey. A Soul Journey is similar to a guided meditation. These are designed to still the mind and enable you to hear your own inner wisdom. Often we lose touch with this source of great wisdom and power because we are too busy rushing around in our ever increasingly hectic lives. The Soul Journey also provides an opportunity to visit Past Lives where patterns and challenges may first have emerged. By going right back to the source of these issues we can become clear on why they continue to affect us in this lifetime and it becomes easier to let them go if they no longer serve us.

Secondly there is a 28 day/week programme. The readings and exercises of this are designed to help you identify and begin to take steps to remove the blocks in your life enabling you to have the fabulous future you desire TODAY!

Soul Coaching® encourages you to stop waiting for your best life to happen and to start living that best life RIGHT NOW in this very moment. Each week is based around an element Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of these elements corresponds to a part of us. So, For example, during Air Week we are working on our mental selves. Water Week is all about exploring our emotional selves. Our spiritual side is explored during Fire week and finally the physical body is nurtured and explored during Earth Week. Here’s the great thing about Soul Coaching®, once you commit to doing the programme the energy already starts to shift in these areas of your life, even without doing all the exercises. Miracles are already happening!

What past participants say about Soul Coaching®:

“One of the best things you can do for yourself. You will truly grow in 6 weeks”

“Wonderfully supportive course for moving on in your life”

“Interesting, fun, empowering”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, you are the first teacher in a long time whom I felt had passion in your teaching”

“Paula is an excellent listener”


Recommended reading Soul Coaching® by Denise Linn

The Soul Coaching Experience

  • 6 week Soul Coaching course
  • Experience mornings
  • Individual Coaching
  • Soul Café


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    “Fabulous and Enlightening”

    B. Condron, Meath

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