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Oak WhispersMy name is Paula Hughes and I am the founder of Oak Whispers.

My work is, and always has been, about helping people reach their highest potential.

I have been a teacher of Music for over twenty years, a remarkable journey in exploring creative expression.

I began my exploration of Feng Shui nearly fifteen years ago by studying with the Feng Shui Network International. Here I had the absolute privilege of studying Feng Shui with the world’s finest exponents of the craft: Ron Chin, William Spear, Roger Green, Karen Kingston, Richard Creightmore to name but a few.

It was through my study of Feng Shui that I discovered the work of Denise Linn. Her practical, joyful approach to Feng Shui and Space Clearing really resonated with me. In 2005 I travelled to California to study with Denise and become Ireland’s only certified Soul Coach.

Soul Coaching® feels very natural to me. Helping people to see the best in themselves and reach for their dreams is what I have been doing all my life and I thank Denise from the bottom of my heart for creating a programme that enables me to live my passion.

Throughout this time my own life has been supported by the constant beat of the Shamanic Drum. It is my own heartbeat. To sit in a Shamanic circle is to experience the oneness of the universe. It is truly powerful work, full of love and gentleness.

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My approach is consistently practical. I am a passionate believer that growth occurs through laughter and joy so expect to smile and giggle when you are working with me.

I am forever indebted to my wonderful husband, James, whose endless support enables me to do the work I love so much. My immense love goes to my two boys Thomas and Harry whom I adore and who challenge me, on every level, to be the best that I can be. To my animal friends, Willow, Whisper and Walnut who teach me about patience and unconditional love and keep me well and truly grounded, I am forever in your debt. To my amazing family and friends, you know who you are - your biased support is always appreciated!

With much love


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D. Ryan, Kildare

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