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Bagua used in Feng ShuiOne of the most important tools I use in my Feng Shui work is the bagua.

This magical energy map is found at the very heart of the ancient Chinese lou pan compass.

The bagua is divided into 9 areas. Accurate placing of the bagua over the plan of your home or office space can identify where specific areas are located. For example the abundance area or the area associated with relationships.

Each area of the bagua is associated with one of the Five Elements and the energy of these areas can be enhanced using knowledge of these elements.

The nine areas of the bagua are as follows:

1. Journey

This area represents your path through life. Often associated with Career, it is so much more. It also concerns your spiritual journey through life. This area is also concerned with drive and willpower and the flow of emotions.

2. Relationships

This area of the bagua concerns all relationships. It is the area to look at if you would like a partner to share your life.

3. Ancestors

This area of the bagua relates to our ancestors, our family, those in authority over us, the tribes to which we belong.

4. Fortunate Blessings

Often understood to mean only material wealth this area is associated with abundance in all its forms. For most people when asked what they consider to be their fortunate blessings money often comes way down the list behind family, friends and children.

However, if money and finances are a concern for you then this is the area to focus your attention on.

5. Health

This area is located at the heart of the bagua. It is central to our wellbeing. It is particularly important to keep this area free of clutter. Indeed in many traditional and ancient cultures this area was kept open.

6. Helpful Friends

This can be neighbours and friends. It can also be our friends from the spiritual realms.

7. Creativity

To be creative you do not have to be a composer or a novelist. To be creative is to express your own unique voice. Choose to be creative in everything you do.

8. Inner Contemplation

This area of the bagua relates to knowledge and wisdom. On a more spiritual level it is concerned with your knowledge of self. This is a great area for meditation and introspection.

9. Illumination

Also know as the Fame area, this area is concerned with recognition. It is also associated with clarity, focus and inspiration.

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Paula’s accuracy is spot on. She brings humor and tenderness to every session. Paula is a gifted healer, and I have found her work transformative.”

K. Thiessen, Nevada USA

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