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All in its Own Good Time

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Some weeks back there was some warm, dry, weather. Perhaps you can vaguely remember it. One Sunday the boys, two small ones and one larger one, decided to do some manly planting. No flowers or herbs here, just some good old fashioned vegetables. Tremendous effort and concentration went into preparing the trays where the vegetables would grow. There was the compulsory trip to the local garden centre for some non-peat compost. Why is it that there is always a half bag of compost lingering sadly outside the garden shed for months, yet the very day you need it to do some planting it has miraculously shrunk to the size that wouldn’t fill your average flower pot? But I digress.

Now I don’t want to seem unfair to the male of the species but it took ALL day to prepare 4 trays of compost. Meanwhile I was tackling the mountain of laundry that had magically appeared on the landing, trying to sort out school uniforms for the following week, hoovering the tumbleweed of dog hair in the hall, getting dinner ready—OK I'm exaggerating a little, but I was falling in to the ‘Poor Me’ conversation. “Why do I have to do all this on my own? - Why do they get to be out having fun?” You know the type of conversation. The one where you become the victim and conveniently forget that you always have choices.

So I remembered that I had some seeds that I had been saving for the right time to plant. Calendula seeds that had been gifted to me at a Dances of Universal Peace gathering. So out I went and asked that a tray be put aside for me. I watched as the scallions, lettuces and onions were planted with tremendous care. All straight rows and carefully measured distances. Finally when there was one tray left, it was my turn. Impatiently I simply threw the seeds onto the soil. I’m afraid there was no significant ritual, no prayer, just impatience.

Every morning the two younger ones checked on the progress of their seeds and carefully watered when the soil was dry. Me? I was too busy doing things and being the martyr. After about a week or so there was much consternation. Not a sign of any vegetables, but the seeds Mum planted were sprouting all over their tray! Sure enough after a couple of weeks I took a closer look. No sign of lettuces or onions but the calendula seeds were sprouting with terrific energy and gusto.



 Lettuces!                                                                       Calendula after the same amount of time.




All this got me thinking. Our dreams and intentions sometimes seem to take root in spite of what we do. They are our destiny and will grow no matter what. Our job is not to rush them but to give them the best possible conditions to grow. They will bear fruit all in their own good time.

The update of all of this is, of course, that the lettuces and scallions did, of course, ‘catch up’ with the Calendula. Everything has its own rhythm, its own season, its own pace. So the next time you feel impatient or restless with your life, or you find yourself comparing your situation with others just remember this: everything needs light, nourishment and love to grow and every seed breaks open when all these conditions plus a dollop of magic align.

Happy Gardening!



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Posted on Monday, 25 June 2012  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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