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All in its Own Good Time

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Some weeks back there was some warm, dry, weather. Perhaps you can vaguely remember it. One Sunday the boys, two small ones and one larger one, decided to do some manly planting. No flowers or herbs here, just some good old fashioned vegetables. Tremendous effort and concentration went into preparing the trays where the vegetables would grow. There was the compulsory trip to the local garden centre for some non-peat compost. Why is it that there is always a half bag of compost lingering sadly outside the garden shed for months, yet the very day you need it to do some planting it has miraculously shrunk to the size that wouldn’t fill your average flower pot? But I digress.

Now I don’t want to seem unfair to the male of the species but it took ALL day to prepare 4 trays of compost. Meanwhile I was tackling the mountain of laundry that had magically appeared on the landing, trying to sort out school uniforms for the following week, hoovering the tumbleweed of dog hair in the hall, getting dinner ready—OK I'm exaggerating a little, but I was falling in to the ‘Poor Me’ conversation. “Why do I have to do all this on my own? - Why do they get to be out having fun?” You know the type of conversation. The one where you become the victim and conveniently forget that you always have choices.

So I remembered that I had some seeds that I had been saving for the right time to plant. Calendula seeds that had been gifted to me at a Dances of Universal Peace gathering. So out I went and asked that a tray be put aside for me. I watched as the scallions, lettuces and onions were planted with tremendous care. All straight rows and carefully measured distances. Finally when there was one tray left, it was my turn. Impatiently I simply threw the seeds onto the soil. I’m afraid there was no significant ritual, no prayer, just impatience.

Every morning the two younger ones checked on the progress of their seeds and carefully watered when the soil was dry. Me? I was too busy doing things and being the martyr. After about a week or so there was much consternation. Not a sign of any vegetables, but the seeds Mum planted were sprouting all over their tray! Sure enough after a couple of weeks I took a closer look. No sign of lettuces or onions but the calendula seeds were sprouting with terrific energy and gusto.



 Lettuces!                                                                       Calendula after the same amount of time.




All this got me thinking. Our dreams and intentions sometimes seem to take root in spite of what we do. They are our destiny and will grow no matter what. Our job is not to rush them but to give them the best possible conditions to grow. They will bear fruit all in their own good time.

The update of all of this is, of course, that the lettuces and scallions did, of course, ‘catch up’ with the Calendula. Everything has its own rhythm, its own season, its own pace. So the next time you feel impatient or restless with your life, or you find yourself comparing your situation with others just remember this: everything needs light, nourishment and love to grow and every seed breaks open when all these conditions plus a dollop of magic align.

Happy Gardening!



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Posted on Monday, 25 June 2012  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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Who do you need to say 'Thank You' to?

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There are some people we meet in life that have a profound effect on us. They change how we see ourselves. They open doors.For me there are two people whose words had a huge impact on me then and now.

These two people are among the many people I am eternally grateful for in my life.Today I want to encourage you to think about those people to  whom you would like to say 'Thank You'. So who are my 'Two People' and why do I want to say a heartfelt Thank You to them?


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Posted on Sunday, 5 December 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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How the Element of Fire can Inspire You.

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Fire gets a lot of bad press. When out of balance it rages uncontrollably and can be a very destructive force. A person who has an excess of fire can be ‘hot tempered’ or ‘fiery’. Even when our bodies are sore they are described as’ inflamed’. I think Fire’s power frightens us sometimes. Then again I think our own power frightens us sometimes.

But I am sympathetic to fire. Why is that you might ask? Well I am Saggitarius for starters, but I am also your typical Irish redhead. I know first hand what it is to be a fiery person....

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Posted on Monday, 23 August 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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Bridging the Gap

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So we all know the situation.

You know where you want to go in life, you know who you want to be in life.

You just haven't quite got there - yet!

So what is a person like you to do?

Or put another way what are you going to do about it?

Here is a suggestion you might like to visualise:

Imagine you are standing on the top of a mountain. Standing on this mountain top you can see to all the other mountains around you. These mountains represent where you feel your life is calling you. Imagine on top of one of these mountains you can see your best life unfolding. What is happening in this place? Have you a different job/career? Are you living in a different home? Have you more energy? Do you feel more alive , creative and passionate? Pay careful attention to the changes in this best life. To the people, the places but more importantly to the feelings. In what ways do you feel different living your best life?

Whatever it is, I want you to focus on the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

In your mind's eye begin to build a bridge, closing the gap, and bringing your best life within your reach.

Remember as you do this to give the bridge plenty of support. After all what good is a bridge without the proper support. And just in the same way that a bridge needs adequate support, we too need support in all the right places when we are moving from one way of being to another.

So what, or who, makes up your support system? Is it a close friend in whom you can confide? Perhaps it's a hobby that nurtures your creative soul. For some it is the wagging tail, the rhythmic purring of a beloved pet. For most of us Mother Nature inspires, supports and continuously uplifts.

Whatever your support system, once it is in place then the stage is set for you to walk across that bridge. Can you see it? Can you feel what it feels like to walk from one way of being into your best life?

Sometimes it can be a bit scary to step out onto a bridge. You know that feeling of vulnerability.You know too the feeling half way across that there is no going back! Remember not to look down, rather focus on your destination. Finally when you cross take a good look around and notice that you have arrived in a spectacular new landscape.

Thank God for bridges!

Paula x

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Posted on Friday, 6 August 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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What is your body trying to tell you?

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Ah yes we are all very familiar with the 'Mind, Body, Spirit' trinity that is bandied about these days.

Mind, Body, Spirit. Mind, Body Soul. Three words that are bandied about as an umbrella for all things 'New Age'.

To some people the words 'Mind, Body, Spirit' conjure up images of people in tie dyed outfits dancing in incense filled rooms talking about 'energies' and sometimes entities.

To tell the truth I used to think the same!

Then I experienced in my own life the power of Feng Shui, and so my journey continues...

I now work in the 'Mind, Body, Spirit' field as a Soul Coach, a Shamanic practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. My approach is consistently practical and simple. In inspiring people to 'realise their potential' I am constantly inspired and humbled.

I am also constantly reminded of the need to ground our practices in this reality. Very often those of us who are drawn into the area of 'Mind, Body, Spirit' are attracted to living a more spiritual life. We know that our minds are infinitely creative and powerful. But what of our bodies? What of the creativity and power of our bodies? What of the infitie wisdom held within our physical selves? Is the wisdom of our bodies being ignored?

Too often we judge our bodies against the 'ideals' we see around us. God forbid as a woman, that you should have a hair on you leg! We battle with our weight, struggling to lose those extra pounds. Our bodies seem to be there to be punished, either through rigorous excersie or punitive diets. What if we stopped judging our bodies and accepted where we are in this moment and made plans for a healthier future?

I know I take my body for granted far too often. Once everything is working relatively smoothly then I will plough on with my work. Running around being busy, filling my days with 'stuff'. It is my body that says 'STOP' when I am out of balance. I will get a cold or a sore back, just enough to make me stop and give me the space to reevaluate my life. How many people reading this have had a health crisis of their own.  A crisis that led them to explore a different way of being in their lives?

And so it was that I embarked on  a Soul Coaching for Health and Vitality programme. Like the traditional Soul Coaching programme, this programme  lasts for 28 days with a series of tasks and readings each day. These are designed to help you listen to your body, to tune in, and to put your body first.

So how am I getting on? Well it has been very interesting and very challenging. The great thing about the porgramme is that it gave me the impetus to finally make all those health related appontments that I had been putting off. So I have had my bloods done (now I know my choliesterol is high and I am taking gentle action about it), I have been to the chiropodist ( to give my very hard working feet a treat) and I have made an appoinment to see a nutritionist (keeping a food diary is REALLY eye opening!).

I am doing this programme with a great Soul Coaching Friend from the US. It is great having her support and encouragement. We are both finding the journey very interesting and we are both developing a Soul Coaching programme that we will be running in October. click here for more details.

So let's all take a moment to give some thought and attention to the 'Body of 'Mind,Body,Spirit'. Acknowledge and honour our physical selves. Celebrate our bodies, stop judging them. Eat healthily and move freely........

Now where did I put my Tie Dyed T Shirt?


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Posted on Sunday, 25 July 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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What Happens When the Best Laid Plans Go Up in Smoke?

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Have you ever driven somewhere and as you arrive at your destination you realise you have no idea how you got there?

You cannot remember driving to your current location. Your mind has been distracted with other things. Sometimes days and even weeks can seem to pass us by in this blur.

It is when something extraordinary happens that we are shocked out of our 'automatic pilot' existence and given, once again, the opportunity to really choose our lives, to choose the meanings we give to our lives.

And so it was that two weeks ago we awoke to a world where Mother Earth reminded us how fragile we, and all our plans, are. A plume of volcanic ash ensured that Ireland was,quite forcefully, reminded what it means to be an island.It was a 'disaster'. The airwaves were full of travellers' tales of their epic voyages home. Our modern day Odysseuses (don't know if that is the correct plural -but you know what I mean!) had to call upon all their resources to get home.

This got me thinking: the work I do is all about holistic personal empowerment. It is about helping people find ,and remember, their courage, their grace and their remarkable strengths. It is about living the amazing lives that we hunger and yearn for.


Does this mean that my own life is perfect! Oh but of course! My life, like yours, is perfectly imperfect. My life, like yours, has its moments of volcanic ash. (I have even been known to erupt at times!) What I know for sure is that these turning points can challenge us to our very core. It is often very easy and tempting to pull the duvet up over our heads and cry out "Stop the world, I want to get off!"


These turning points are our crossroads. At these moments we are obliged to stop driving on automatic pilot and make conscious choices about the direction we want to move in. And like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it is when we reach these challenging times that our guides appear. Remember the Lion and his lesson about courage?It really is a most Shamanic movie!

So if you are at a turning point or crossroads - CONGRATULATIONS! The universe is calling on you to become clearer about the direction you want to take. Now is the time to stand up and proclaim to the Universe "Here I am. Let life's purpose be gently revealed to me"


After all, maybe life has planned a different destination, or a different route for you. One so wonderful that you have hardly dared dream it! So grab your passport. Ths skies are open again. Let's take off!



Paula x



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Posted on Thursday, 29 April 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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Elemental Children

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In my work as a Soul Coach I work in harmony with the magical elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. I teach people how to harness the power of these elements in their lives. The cleansing, purifying and redemptive powers of these elements are to be found in stories everywhere. In movies everywhere the characters journey through trials of a Mental (Air), Emotional (Water), Spiritual (Fire) or Physical (Earth) nature. Children's stories abound with fire breathing dragons.




Speaking of children I have two boys and I admire how connected they are to Nature. Sploshing around a mucky field is pure adventure for them - never mind the laundry! And the joy of birthday candles! Not for them the single candle on a cake- the more the better! Hours can be spent running screaming in and out of the sea watching their footprints disappear in the waves.




So I've always know that they are connected to the elements. But it was the wonderful shamanic teacher,Sandra Ingermann, who taught me to bring the elements into my children's lives in a profound way. She speaks of bringing children to the elements in a very healing way. When a child is upset, for example, allow the elements to soothe and heal. Allow your child decide which element they would like to work with.



With the element of Air let them breathe in comfort and breathe out their upset, or they can blow what is upsetting them into a balloon and release it to the skies. If Water is their preferred element, place their hands under running Water and allow this element to wash away the hurt. The energy of Fire is one of transformation. Anything that passes through fire is transformed. With younger children this might mean placing their hurt in a candle flame and allowing the fire to burn it away. Older children might write down what is upsetting them and then burn the paper. Finally, if your child prefers to work with Earth, have them choose a stone. Hold the stone in their hands and close to their heart. Allow the stone to absorb the feelings of hurt and upset and then bury the stone into Mother Earth.


In each of these beautiful examples the element takes on the hurt or upset and transforms it. This is a huge teaching for us all, not just for our children. When we work in partnership with these wonderful elements all is transformed.

Would you like to experience the transfromative power of the elements for yourself? Check out my Upcoming Events and Workshops and visit http://www.oakwhispers.ie/




Paula x


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Is That Really a Typo

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Recently I have been curious about the similarities of certain words and the way in which typing errors can sometimes be very revealing.

I received an email requesting healing for a person requiring heart surgery , the cause of which was blocked values (valves).

In another typo a person wrote how she 'work' up one morning (woke up).

Predictive text on mobile phones can also reveal some interesting alternatives.
Is it a 'coincidence' I wonder that when I type in the name Harry, the name of my youngest son, the word Happy comes up - it kinda sums him up!

And what of our desire to find our passion in life - perhaps we will find our passion in compassion?

Then there is the amazing similarity between the Irish word for name, ainm, and the Irish word for soul, anam.

The link between our name and our soul - now there's an interesting question.

  • Remember how good it feels when someone remembers your name?
  • How you feel special when someone calls you by name in conversation.
  • How you sit up and take notice when you hear your name, even in a crowded space.
  • How you feel about your name is very often a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Try this: take some quiet time to sit , allow your eyes to gently close, and whisper your name. What does it feel like? What information is contained within?

Finally, have fun! Type your name into the predictive text of your mobile and see what comes up?

Paula x

PS Check out the next Soul Coaching weekend this 19th/20th March where we will be exploring how to bring more balance into our lives http://www.oakwhispers.ie

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Posted on Tuesday, 20 April 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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Judgements and Daffodills

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Have you noticed that the days are getting ever so slightly longer?
Every morning the bird's are singing a little bit earlier and for a little bit longer.
I love this turning of the seasons.
I love the return to brightness.
My heart lifts when the first snowdrops and daffodils appear.

It is a reminder that life goes in circles, a reminder that no matter how dark things get it will always turn around.

It is from the dark earth that Spring flowers will begin to burst forth soon. It is from our dark times that we too learn the depths of our courage and humour.

Just remember that during Winter the ground looks so barren ,yet so much is going on beneath the surface. Remember this the next time you catch yourself judging someone. You have absolutely no idea what may be going on beneath the surface. Maybe the reason that person is driving so fast is that they have just got an emergency call from the hospital. The apparently rude person in the shop may be quietly going through a personal trauma. So bless them and be grateful for all the blessings you have in your life.

And remember if you are going through a tough time, it will pass, the circle will turn and you will be a stronger, braver person having spent time in the darkness.

Much Love
Paula x

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Posted on Tuesday, 20 April 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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Tomorrow to Frech Woods and Pastures New...

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Ah 2010 has arrived!

I love the energy that surrounds this time of year. Everyone seems to summon the energy to start again, to begin to renew and revitalise.

That is why I love the quote: "Tomorrow to Fresh Woods and Pastures New." It is one of the quotes that has stayed with me from my study of English poetry in school many years ago. It reminds me that no matter what is going on , there is always the opportunity to start again.
The thing is, this opportunity to start again presents itself to us EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. It doesn't just have to be Jan 1st. Things can change in an instant. Your life can change simply by changing the way that you think about it - and you can change your thoughts at any time.

So if you're New Year's resolutions are sliding and you feel like giving up - start again NOW, in this moment start anew. Celebrate what you have achieved and look forward with joy and courage. Forget about beating yourself up about what you have not achieved. That's in the past and as my wonderful teacher Denise Linn puts it - it's time to stop living you life looking in the rear view mirror.

So I wish you and yours a Happy and Blessed New Year. Embrace it and all the gifts and potential that it brings.

Paula x

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Posted on Tuesday, 20 April 2010  |  By Paula Hughes  |  0 comments

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