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Death and Dying

Transition of souls, circle of life


 In this realm the Shamanic practitioner, working with Spirit guides, can assist in the transition of souls from this world to the next.

This work may be used to help someone who is on the threshold of passing, to ease their transition and hold them and their loved ones in a sacred space. It may also be used for people who have already passed, to assist them in moving on and releasing attachments to this physical realm.

This work can also help us all better understand our own death.

From the Shamanic perspective, and indeed that of many religions, death is not the end. It is part of the circle of life. It is a subject that needs to be embraced, not avoided. Preparing for our death is a powerful way to live.

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“Soul Coaching really reminds you of who you are. It allows a safe space to exhale. and breathe in more of who you truly are –unique and wonderful – it’s all good”

E. Cleary, Dublin

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