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Oak whispers Feng Shui DowsingIn my Feng Shui work I use dowsing, with both pendulum and dowsing rods, to identify and clear stuck energy.

When you book a Feng Shui consultation I ask that you send me a floor plan of your space. These can simply be rough sketches that you have drawn; they do not need to be architectural plans. These drawings are simply a way for me to connect with the energy of your space.

I use my pendulum to identify areas where energy is not moving as freely as it could be. Dowsing also highlights items in your space that no longer serve your best interests. Dowsing also shows up areas of clutter!

Onsite dowsing with rods is particularly useful in identifying areas of Geopathic Stress. Being aware of areas of Geopathic Stress can help you choose the best location for you bed, your office desk and even your children’s bedrooms.

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Paula is so empathetic. She shares and understands all our journeys” If you want to step off the rollercoaster and give yourself 2 hours a week to listen to your soul – sing up!

C. Moonan, Dublin

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