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In my work as a Soul Coach I work in harmony with the magical elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. I teach people how to harness the power of these elements in their lives. The cleansing, purifying and redemptive powers of these elements are to be found in stories everywhere. In movies everywhere the characters journey through trials of a Mental (Air), Emotional (Water), Spiritual (Fire) or Physical (Earth) nature. Children's stories abound with fire breathing dragons.

Speaking of children I have two boys and I admire how connected they are to Nature. Sploshing around a mucky field is pure adventure for them - never mind the laundry! And the joy of birthday candles! Not for them the single candle on a cake- the more the better! Hours can be spent running screaming in and out of the sea watching their footprints disappear in the waves

So I've always know that they are connected to the elements. But it was the wonderful shamanic teacher,Sandra Ingermann, who taught me to bring the elements into my children's lives in a profound way. She speaks of bringing children to the elements in a very healing way. When a child is upset, for example, allow the elements to soothe and heal. Allow your child decide which element they would like to work with.

With the element of Air let them breathe in comfort and breathe out their upset, or they can blow what is upsetting them into a balloon and release it to the skies. If Water is their preferred element, place their hands under running Water and allow this element to wash away the hurt. The energy of Fire is one of transformation. Anything that passes through fire is transformed. With younger children this might mean placing their hurt in a candle flame and allowing the fire to burn it away. Older children might write down what is upsetting them and then burn the paper. Finally, if your child prefers to work with Earth, have them choose a stone. Hold the stone in their hands and close to their heart. Allow the stone to absorb the feelings of hurt and upset and then bury the stone into Mother Earth.

In each of these beautiful examples the element takes on the hurt or upset and transforms it. This is a huge teaching for us all, not just for our children. When we work in partnership with these wonderful elements all is transformed.

Would you like to experience the transfromative power of the elements for yourself? Check out my Upcoming Events and Workshops and visit http://www.oakwhispers.ie/


Paula x

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