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Pre Instrumental classes

Pre Instrumental ClassesThe first sound a baby hears is the rhythmic beating of its mother’s heartbeat. From the 24th week of pregnancy the baby begins to distinguish high sounds from low, loud from soft.

As children develop, becoming increasingly fluent in language, they express themselves freely through music.

I am passionate about supporting a child’s development through music. My intention is to use music to support the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of the child. My role is to encourage children to express their creative ideas through sound play. Above all we have lots of FUN!

Currently my workshops cater for two age groups:

Group A Pre schoolers ages 3-4 approx

Group B Junior and Senior Infants ages 5-7 approx.

Working with a colourful variety of instruments we explore the fundamental musical concepts of beat, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch, melody and form.

We sing songs from around the world and I actively encourage the children to make up their own songs.

Other benefits from attending theses classes include:

Children learn to be part of a group, to listen and take turns.

They learn to be the leader and the follower in a group. Above all it enhances their self esteem and gives them a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

For dates of classes please see the events page.

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