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Soul Café

Welcome to the Soul Café!

Soul Cafe at Oak Whispers

The Soul Café comprises monthly gatherings where we chat, share, explore and grow in a beautifully informal setting.

It really is a coffee morning with a difference.There is the usual blend of coffee and chat, meeting with friends and lots of laughter.

At the Soul Cafe mornings there is also quiet space. There is unique Soul Coaching, from Paula Irelan's only certified Soul Coach, a chance for you to exhale, to still your mind and open your heart. It's more than chocolate cake**, it is pure food for your Soul.


There is Soul Coaching® advice, Feng Shui tips, Shamanic journeys and so much more. We also have an holistic book club.


The Soul Café provides a chance to get together with like minded people to discuss what really matters in our lives. All this plus tea, coffee and some chocolate cake!

Welcome to the Soul Café!

Welcome Home!

Check out Soul Café dates on our Events page

The next Soul Cafes take place on Tuesday 28th May  and Friday 14th June 2013. 

Give yourself the gift of a morning to connect with like minded people, to share,to journey, to breathe and to be.

** It is my intention that chocolate consumed during this event will contain no calories whatsoever!!

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One of the best things you can do for yourself. You will truly grow in 6 weeks

D. Ryan, Kildare

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