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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval - Sacred Tools of ShamanicFrom the Shamanic perspective soul loss occurs when part of a person’s soul escapes in order to survive a traumatic experience. Have you ever felt that you were merely observing an event in your life rather than fully participating in it?

It is important to note that what constitutes a trauma varies from person to person but examples of trauma may include: Being involved in an accident or experience of illness and/or death. For a child a traumatic event may include being shouted at by a parent or suffering a breach of trust. Even an event that from an adult’s perspective is no big deal can be traumatic for a child, such as losing a favourite toy.

The result of this separation is a feeling of incompleteness, a sense that something is missing. Another indication of soul loss is where a person has no memory of a particular event or time in their lives. Depression can also be an indication that the soul has become fragmented.

It is the shamanic practitioner’s role to journey into non-ordinary reality and to bring back that soul part that is ready to return at this time.

Throughout our lives we may experience soul loss a number of times to greater or lesser degrees. During a Soul Retrieval it is possible that more than one part may choose to return. Following a Soul Retrieval it may take some time for the returned part(s) to fully integrate. This is a time to be gentle with yourself, welcome and embrace the soul part(s) that have chosen to return and focus on becoming whole again.

The power and beauty of this ancient work is a true gift to experience.

I have had the privilege to perform Soul Retrievals for clients and have also been gifted with Soul Retrieval myself. Becoming “Full of Yourself,” in the true meaning of the phrase, is a truly powerful state of being.

The work and writings of Sandra Ingermann on this topic are hugely informative. I highly recommend Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self. I have had the pleasure of studying with Sandra in Galway in 2008. Her teaching and sheer presence is inspirational.

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Paula’s accuracy is spot on. She brings humor and tenderness to every session. Paula is a gifted healer, and I have found her work transformative.”

K. Thiessen, Nevada USA

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