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Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a remarkable way of cleansing the energy of your space. You know how wonderful it is to walk into a space that has been tidied and cleaned, how it sparkles and shines? Well after a Space Clearing the energy of your home sparkles and shines too!

Space Clearing is wonderful to do for a space:

  • On moving into a new home
  • After decluttering
  • After an illness or bereavement

Incense to purify the spaceBefore a Space Clearing I will do a Shamanic journey to meet with the spirit of your home and ask it what it needs. Traditionally a Space Clearing begins by dispersing stuck energy. I love working with sound for this – clapping, drumming and rattling.

Incense is then used to purify the space and the smoke carries our prayers and intentions to the heavens. Finally the intention is set and the energy sealed with the sacred sound of bells and singing bowls, while sacred sprays gently scent the air.

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“Soul Coaching really reminds you of who you are. It allows a safe space to exhale. and breathe in more of who you truly are –unique and wonderful – it’s all good”

E. Cleary, Dublin

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